Computer Engineering Vs Dedicated online Courses.

  1. First Year:
  • Basics of Mathematics and Physics
  • Introduction to Programming and Software Development (In our case it was Java)
  • Native language(Finnish In My case, cause our study lang was english)
  • Engineering English(Its more like how to make resumes, elevator pitch, presentations,..)
  • Courses on OS and Hardware(just some basics)
  • Intro to HTML and CSS Programming
  • Object Oriented Browser Programming(JavaScript)
  • Calculus and Physics in Data Analysis
  • Web Programming Project (U team up with friends and do a project together,15 credits)
  • Web Development Frameworks(Every year it changes but its always trending ones)
  • Mobile Programming with Native Technologies (Think it was android with java)
  • Web- and Hybrid Technologies in Mobile Programming (JS techs for instance react-native )
  • Applied Mathematics and Physics in Programming
  • Mobile Development Project(Final project like previously where couple of courses cross over to create big project. 15 credits)
  • Introduction to iOs Programming
  • Components of IoT Application
  • Data Storage and Data Analysis
  • Research and Development Work
  • Towards Innovations and Entrepreneurship
  • Working Life Skills
  • Company Oriented Projects I, II and III (30 credits total)
  • Thesis
  • Practical training(30 credits)
  1. Advance Networking
  2. Embedded Programming
  3. C,C++,C#
  4. Entrepreneurship




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Nibesh Khadka

Nibesh Khadka

Developer and Content Creator

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